What to Look for in a Manicure?

What to Look for in a Manicure?

To get the best manicure, you need to know what to look for in your treatment. Since a manicure is one of the ideal ways to relax, unwind and feel a little pampered, it is important that you make sure that the beauty salon you choose to do your manicure is able to provide you with a luxury service, and a set of nails that will last.

It can be difficult to determine if you are getting the best possible manicure, especially if you have not had regular manicures and as such are not sure about what you should be looking for. The best way to ensure a great manicure each time is to go to a reputable salon. In this article, we tell you what to look for in a manicure.

How to tell if you have a great Manicure?

A Good Massage

It is not just the chat and the application of the nails that helps the manicure session to be as relaxing as it is. Instead, it is the heavenly massage that can help you unwind. A manicure is about more than the nails, it is also about the cuticles and the skin. A good manicurist will gently massage the hand and rub the pressure points using a moisturising product.

Cuticle Care

Cuticles don’t actually need to be cut back, although some manicurists will do it. The cuticle serves an important purpose, which is to keep bacteria at bay. Ideally, the manicurist you work with will use a cuticle product which they will rub into the skin and then allow the cuticles to soak in warm water before being gently pushed back.

The Polish

After the pampering, the nails will need to be dried before the polish is applied. If applied to wet nails, the polish will simply run off or easily smudge. A base should be applied, and then 2 layers of colour, and finally the topcoat, to seal the polish and whatever art is on the nail in place. The application should never be too thick as that will run the risk of nail chipping.


To do the manicure correctly, the manicurist will have several tools at their disposal and one mark of their professionalism is that all of their tools should be kept clean. The salon should have a sanitising station and each tool should be sterilised between clients. There are also those one-time-use tools, such as emery boards which should be thrown away after each client.


The nails should always be the main center of attention and so the technique used to apply the manicure needs to be top-notch. When filing and shaping the nails, the manicurist should always follow the natural shape of the nails, the nail file should not be dragged roughly back and forth across the nail and the manicurist should always use the right file.

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