One of a Kind Nail Revive Product

Grow Long, Natural Nails by Using our One of a Kind Nail Revive Product

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind nail revive product that will not only make your nails look good, but also promotes long and healthy natural nails? Well, look no further! We at are proud to introduce a great solution that will work for you. Find out more about this exciting product below.

It is so important to prioritize time to take care of our nails.  We use our hands to complete everyday tasks and they are one of the first things other people notice about us. If you take time to make sure that your nails look good it will give you that extra boost of confidence you need to take on any task during the day.

Each task that we complete during the day runs the risk of exposing our nails to bacteria and other germs we cannot see with our own eyes. Treating your hands to regular, professional nail appointments will help to keep them trimmed and shaped so that they look good at all times.

We understand how important nail care is to our customers. This is why we have created a unique product that will assist our clients to grow long and healthy natural nails.

Our Nail Revive Base Gel

If you are on a mission to achieve long, healthy, natural nails, then you need to try our fabulous nail revive base gel. This is the best nail strengthening product available for purchase.

Our brand wanted to create something that will strengthen our client’s nails but also promote growth on their natural nail. This product can be applied to the weakest, most brittle, or broken nail and it will transform it into a stronger, smoother, and thicker nail too.

All you have to do is brush the liquid into your nails and wait for the magic to happen. What we love about this product is that it is so versatile. There are four different ways that you can use it. These are:

Choose to wear it clear

The first, and probably the simplest way to use our nail revive base gel is to wear it clear. This option is great to use if you want to thicken your nails and achieve smooth ridges on your nails too. Once you have applied the first coat of nail revive onto your nails, make sure to place your hand under a LED or UV light to set it before adding the second coat of nail revive to your nails.

Wearing nail revive with nail polish

Using nail revive along with your favorite nail polish will help you to make sure that your nails do not chip. You can start off by applying one coat onto your nails then placing them under a Led or UV light. Once your nails have had their time under the light source you chose to use proceed to apply a second coat of nail revive on your nails and then set it under the light again to set. Once your second coat has had time under the UV or LED light, remove the product from your nails and then buff it before applying nail polish onto your nails

Wearing nail revive with gel polish

This method is similar to the one mentioned above. Start by applying a layer of nail revive to your nails and then set it under a UV or Led light, before proceeding to apply the second coat of the product onto your nails. Β Once your nails have rested under a light source of your choice, you would finish the look by applying a gel nail polish of your choice to your nails.

Using nail revive while extending your nails with tips

When you choose this service at our nail salons in South Africa, our technicians with outstanding nail technician training will use our nail revive product to promote growth on your natural nail and also to ensure that it remains healthy. We suggest that you apply three coats of the nail revive base gel product on your nails if you are using it to extend your nails with a tip.

No matter how you choose to wear the nail revive gel base in your nails, keep in mind that the liquid is pretty thick.

A general tip to keep in mind when using our nail revive base gel on your nails is to apply cuticle oil to your nails. This will make sure that your cuticles always stay moist and hydrated.

Our revive base gel product is sold on our online store and in all of our luxurious nail spa salons in South Africa. This product is sold at a reasonable price and is exclusively sold at our branches only. For more tips and tricks on how to use nail revive make sure to speak to one of our professional staff members today.

Book an Appointment with Us to Try Nail Revive on Your Nails

We wanted to create a product that we know women across the world will love to incorporate into their next Mani or Pedi. We understand how important it is to make sure that your nails are strong, healthy and alps grow at an optimal length. This is why we chose to create this product for you.

By booking your nail treatments at one of our nail and beauty salons, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a professional-level service at an affordable price. To secure your next booking with us, make sure to call us on 010 591 1034 today. You can also make a booking with us by downloading and installing our mobile app software onto your smartphone too.

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