New Holiday Season Nail Art Trends

New Holiday Season Nail Art Trends

Now that November is here, it is safe to say that the holiday season is well and truly on the way.

Shops are decking out their aisles with all sorts of Christmas décor and it is becoming difficult to avoid that real holiday feeling that seems to be in the air.

Christmas nails don’t need to have tiny Santa’s on them to be called festive. There are loads of gorgeous holiday trend setting nail art ideas out there that you can play around with this year, without having to worry about your excitement for the season being a little too obvious.

From minimalist nails to something a little more glittery, these are the holiday nail art trends that you can enjoy this season. And if you see one you love, come to us and we’ll treat you to your on point seasonal nails.

Silver Sparkles

When it is the season, it is very difficult to go wrong with silver anything. This colour is gorgeous and it certainly matches in with the Christmas theme. The best way to work silver sparkles into your nail art is to opt for a nude undercoat, a vertical line of silver sparkles down the center, and then a good quality topcoat, to seal it in. Silver sparkles will catch the light in a magical way!

Candy Ombre


The traditional candy cane is the hallmark of Christmas festivities. Painting your nails with white, red, gold and silver is one way to give a nod to the holidays, and it is super easy if you want to try it yourself at home.

Holiday French Manicure


This is a fun and minimalist way to add some holiday colour to your nails. To achieve the look, all you need to do is replace the white tips of the French manicure with red, gold, silver, or even black tips. This understated look has the benefit of being able to go with just about anything you wear.

Pink and Red Combo


Although rather similar in colour, using a combination of red and pink creates a beautiful, holiday look that is simple but definitely eye-catching. This look is achieved by painting the nail with a soft pink undercoat and then adding a diagonal strip of red, sparkling, nail varnish to the very tip.


This is certainly a red plaid season and as Christmas day approaches, this is a nail art design that you might like to try out when you next visit the salon.

Gold Stars

Adding 2 or 3 gold stars on top of a clear coat of varnish is a really easy and simple way to achieve minimalist holiday nails that are just so beautiful.

Red Half Moons

A stunning shade of glittering red is never going to go out of style, especially as red is both a classic shade and a holiday staple colour.

Silver and Gold

With a silver manicure and half-moons adorned with glittery gold, this is a trendsetting approach to nail art that will have everyone asking you where you had your nails done.

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