Modern Guide to Men’s Cosmetics

Men’s cosmetics is fast becoming one of the biggest selling sectors in the beauty world. Men of all ages and backgrounds are embracing the benefits of taking better care of their skin, and once they take this step, are being met with a wide range of products developed specifically with the male skin in mind. And it is not just men skincare that has taken the world by storm, but male-focused makeup is fast becoming a huge trend too!

The rise of men’s skincare and cosmetics might be blamed on the rise of the new generation of men who are more concerned about putting their best face forward, but the desire to take care of one’s skin and to even wear a little makeup is something that goes as far back as ancient Egypt when men would add a touch of colour to their eyes to make them pop.

The Rise of Men’s Centric Skincare Brands

The past 20 years or so have seen the number of men\’s cosmetic brands soar, giving men more options and more control over their skincare. This has meant men now have the means to find specific skincare that suits their skin type and this, in turn, has encouraged more men to pay closer attention to the way they see their skin.

Along with skincare, makeup ranges aimed at men have also seen a drastic increase in sales. Men are more likely to buy subtle makeup, and often opt for tinted creams and guyliner. For the more daring man, nail vanishes, and even tinted lip balms have become a part of many a man-brands product line up.

In around 2003, the term metrosexual, which is used to describe men who take care of their appearance using various beauty treatments, was coined. While men of the past might have been either ashamed to delve into such treatments or would brush it off as unnecessary, because they were men, the dawn of this new age saw men being fearless in embracing their beauty and being more open to giving themselves some pampering.

By 2018, the environment had changed completely, and the modern man found himself looking at a new definition of masculinity. No longer was it something that embodied the rough and rugged. The 2018 modern man was expected to always be camera-ready and primed for success.

Men have become more concerned about their appearance than ever before in recent times, and this has led to a complete change in consumer behaviour, as more men boldly headed to the beauty counter.

Men’s Makeup vs Skincare

For the cisgender male, better skincare is the goal. Working long hours either outdoors on construction sites, exposed to the elements, or in an office under the harsh office lights, leaves the skin dry and tight. Over time, the skin starts looking dull, and there is nothing worse than having every second person you encounter either ask you what’s wrong or point out how tired you look.

People tend to forget that men have feelings too when it comes to their appearance and that pointing out how tired and drawn they look can harmfully impact the way they feel about themselves. This is where good skin treatments come in.

Skincare goals for men can include just about everything a woman would use. Day creams and night creams made with specific formulas, to achieve specific goals, plumping serums, hydrating facemasks, and so much more are available for men, under the banner of men\’s skincare.

And these are just the home skincare options. Men can also enjoy a trip to the spa or nail salon, for a more intensive facial treatment, something that can be done every 6 months or so, to remove dead skin and to give the skin a deeper clean.

Men\’s cosmetics are on the other side of the industry, and while not always something every man is keen on using, cosmetics are enjoying a rise in popularity. Makeup for men comes in subtle tones and options, such as a slightly tinted day cream, as well as makeup that is a little more daring and colourful.

For those just getting started with makeup, there are 3 easy products to get you into a routine or to help you find what works for you and what doesn’t.


Foundation is a great option if you are looking to hide scarring or an uneven skin tone. It can smooth out the complexion and leave you looking more awake, even when you are working long hours and not getting nearly enough sleep.

You don’t have to get complicated with brushes and sponges or spend an hour trying to achieve a smooth application. By using a liquid foundation, you can quickly apply it after a little skincare without much hassle. If you have an active acne breakout or if you are prone to breakouts, it is best to first bring that under control or find the appropriate skincare routine, so that you don’t aggravate things.


For the dark circles under the eyes, redness around the nose, and even to hide scarring, concealer can be used with foundation or on its own.

Generally, when applying concealer, you can dab it on using the ring finger. Some people leave the concealer on the skin for a minute or so before working it in, ensuring that it gives the appropriate amount of coverage.


If you are a little more adventurous and you want to enhance your features a little, you can opt for bronzer.

Bronzer is perfect for giving the skin that sun-kissed look without having to damage your skin by going in the sun. The easiest way to apply bronzer is by using a powder or gel product that dries rather quickly and stays matt and perfect all day.

Bronzer generally works well on all types of skin tones, but if you are unsure which will look best on you, it doesn’t hurt to experiment.

We believe every person should take care of their skin and always put their best face forward. We stock a wide range of skincare products, such as the ever-popular Dr. Barbor range, as well as a variety of nail treatments, including our famous diamond patent nails. If you are new to makeup and skincare and need a few tips to get going, drop into one of our 40 salons and let us help you get started.

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