Must-Have Manicure Trends for 2022

Must-Have Manicure Trends for 2022

The New Year is almost here, and that means it is time for a couple of funky new nail trends to dust off the cobwebs of the last year and start the new season on a fresher note.

The trends that we are set to see in 2022 are a perfect combination of simple styles and a few more daring looks. But no matter what trend you go for, you will be in style.

Blues are making a comeback

Of all the stunning colours out there, of all the creative designs you can go for, it is blue that you are likely to see on every nail.

In 2021, green was the go-to colour, but all that has changed and now blue, which was the colour of choice at the New York Fashion Week for Spring and Summer, is the colour that will be grabbing all the attention.

Think light and shimmering baby blues for the Summer months and the dark, royal blues for autumn and winter.

Sparkles but the subdued kind

Sometimes a mani just needs a touch of something glittery. And with this take on the stylish traditional manicure, you can add a wonderful pop of something shiny to your nails. The way that this trend look can be achieved is by placing the manicure art down the side of the nails rather than along the top. Darker colours with a more standout glitter addition will be more eye catching.

Metallic manicures are back in fashion

A simple strip of gold or silver used as an embellishment along the cuticle or the tip of your nail will turn your nails into stylish pieces of jewellery. Well, not really, but who says silver and gold are only for accessories? The metallic manicure is really easy to do and it is really easy to maintain, so it is a win-win for any wearer.

Mismatched patterns are there for the daring

Some might struggle to accept this trend because if you are a little obsessed with order, your nails might end up driving you crazy. But on the other hand, if being a little mismatching is not something that bugs you, this simple art that makes use of different colours, different designs, and different placement for each nail, could be just the unusual art you’ve been looking for.

Yip, pink is absolutely in style (again)

If you are following various social media platforms, and TikTok in particular, you’ve probably been noticing loads of pink nails everywhere! And that is because pink is once again in fashion and this time around it is the pastel pinks that are making the biggest return. But if pink is a colour that you love to explore, then you can opt for darker pinks in the winter and lighter pinks in the spring and summer months. One great thing about this nail shade is that it goes with everything so you will never be clashing with your outfit.

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