How to Treat Brittle Nails


How to Treat Brittle Nails

There are many reasons why your nails might suddenly look and feel rather damaged. The upside is that there are just as many ways to heal and repair your soft nails, restoring them to their former glory and allowing you to get back to adorning your nails with new art.

Brittle nails are defined as nails that tend to crack, peel, and chip and break easily. Usually, such nails will be lacking moisture and or they have been too exposed to harsh sunlight, causing them to become cracked and unsightly. Since your nails are often one of the first things that people will notice when meeting you for the first time, having cracked nails can leave you feeling self-conscious.

Luckily, chipped nails can be easily remedied, either by following these few simple tips, or by making an appointment with a nail technician.

Best remedies for brittle nails

Tip 1: Drink more water

Whether it is summer or winter, drinking enough water is something that you should be doing anyway. But, sometimes the day can get incredibly busy, and drinking enough water comes second to whatever else has your attention. Since one of the main causes of brittle nails is a lack of moisture, and easy solution to get you on track with repairing your nails is to drink more water. Making sure that your body stays hydrated throughout the day is not only going to help your nails, but your overall health.

Tip 2: Invest in a good cuticle cream

It could be a high-quality cream from a local pharmacy, or it could be something a little pricier from a nail salon, either way, it is important to regularly put cream on your cuticles and to really massage it in. When you combine this tip with the first one, you will be add moisture both inside and out.

Tip 3: Give your nails a rest

When you are dealing with brittle nails, you should work with care. Don’t use your nails to open cans and when you are doing the dishes or digging in the garden, make sure that your nails are always well protected with a pair of tough gloves.

Tip 4: Take a good multivitamin

There are plenty of great vitamin options on the market, many of which are specifically focused on strengthening and repairing nails. The one supplement that you want to look out for, or which you should add to your diet, is biotin. This is a hair and nail miracle worker and while it can take a while to build up, the effects are noticeable.

Tip 5: Use nail polish remover with care

If you are doing your own nail art, you could be tempted to frequently change the look. But when you use a nail polish remover more than once or twice in a month, you can be doing your nails more harm than good, as such frequent use can leave your nails brittle.

For more helpful tips, or if you are looking for a professional technician to give you a nail treatment, you can contact us today.

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