How to Care for your Manicure and Pedicure during Holidays

How to care for your manicure and pedicure during the holidays

Manicures and pedicures are something that should be on your pre-holiday to-do list. Before things get a little too chaotic and you get caught up in all of those holiday plans that are quite possibly already trying to get all of your attention, having your nails done is a must.

But once you have your summer-ready nails, you need to make sure that your nail art can survive the summer season and all of the hands-on fun that you will be enjoying. And that is exactly where keeping a couple of helpful tips in mind might actually be all you need.

To start with, it goes without saying, that if you hope to have a mani and pedi that last a couple of weeks and still look great, you should be investing in good quality treatment.

If you were to go to a salon that either doesn’t use the best practices, or who doesn’t use the best quality nail products, you are quite likely to end up with chipped or flacking nail art, and who wants that?

When you start out the right way, by going to a reputable nail salon, your nail art will not only survive the holidays, but you won’t have to worry about dragging along nail care kits or bottles of varnish.

So, before you do any other reading up on caring for your nails, just be sure that you are getting the best treatment.

Tips for keeping your manicure and pedicure in good condition

With the summer holidays near, many of us are looking forward to days lounging in the pool, time on the beach, or sometimes outdoors. And there are those of us who are also keenly looking forward to spending the time of digging in the garden and preparing delicious meals for family and friends.

Regardless of how you intend to spend your downtime, your nails are going to be taking a beating, so it is important that you know how to care for your nails. Here’s what you should do:

Take care when packing

When working with luggage zips and buttons, work carefully to avoid breaking your nails or chipping them. If you have really long nails that you are worried about damaging, wrap a rubber band around the zip so that the metallic edges won’t touch your nails.

Don’t spend hours in the water

Whether it is the ocean or a swimming pool, the longer you spend in the water, the more chance you have of your nail art losing its colour or becoming really brittle.

Also, limit your time in the sun

Just as the water can lighten the hue of your nails, the sun can do an equal amount of damage, even more so if you already have a lighter shade of nail art.

Make sure the sides of your nails are covered

A good manicurist will ensure that the sides of your nails are covered properly, which will prevent your nails from chipping. If you are worried, you can always give the sides of your nails another coat, for the added protection.

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