Festive Nail Art Trends 2021

Festive Nail Art Trends 2021

The season is finally here! And now is the time to start thinking about giving your nails a festive manicure to mark this festive time of the year.

This December there are loads of creative, Christmassy holiday nail art trends to try out, each quite unique and so much fun.

Along with it being the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the summer season, which is another great excuse to pop out some brighter colours and nail art designs.

To get you into that fun holiday spirit, and to inspire you, here are our to festive nail art trends that you can try out now.

Red manicure tips are never going out of style

Red nails for Christmas? Yeah, it’s a cliché. But instead of just going for those gorgeous red tips, why not give the look a twist by going for a red ombre manicure, that starts with those classic deep reds and ends with something lighter? This newer approach to the more traditional style will definitely be something that you fall head over heels in love with.

Red starry nails

Set on a classic red base coat, the addition of two or three silver and gold stars per nail is one trend that will have you feeling fantastically festive. This look is quite a great option if you are looking for nail art that will be suitable right through Christmas and into the New Year, as it does have some celebration vibes.

Silver or gold tips

Not only is a metallic manicure a great festive nail art trend, but they are also a gorgeous summer nails idea, especially if you are using gold. Much like the French white tips, this look is really easy to achieve as you are just switching out the white for the metallic colour of your choice.

Adorning with “ornaments”

Nail art using a green base and traditional hanging Christmas ornament designs are such a funky and fun way to bring your nails into the festive season. You can either have a large ornament design added to your nails or you can decorate the nails with smaller baubles and perhaps some candy canes.

Crystals and Diamonds

Overseas, this particular trend is only in fashion at this time of the year because it represents snow crystals. Since we are in the midst of our beautiful hot summer, we can think of the crystals as ice or some end-of-year party glitter! To get this look, the whole nail should be covered with crystal accessories, but if you are looking to go a little more extravagant and daring, why not try out the Diamond nail art? You will only find these at our salons.

The minimalist dots

If you are looking to scale back on your nail art, then this trend is totally for you! Adding a simple small red dot on a gel-covered nail is a stunningly understated nail art look that is really easy to achieve.

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