Essential Nail Care Tools

Eight Essential Nail Care Tools that Every Woman Should Keep at Home

It is believed that our nails are a reflection of the overall state of our health. Not only this, but our hands and nails are one of the first things that other people notice about us when meeting for the first time. We use our hands for almost every single task that we complete on a daily basis. This is why we need to take good care of our nails and protect them to prevent any bacteria from getting under our nails. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most essential nail care tools that you will need to take proper care of your finger and toenails.


Why Should You Invest in the Correct Tools for Your Nails?

Choosing to buy the correct nail care tools is very important for personal hygiene and to ensure that your nails are always well kept. Our nails act as a shield to our fingers, providing them with protection against infections and bacteria.


Knowing which nail care tools are essential and also how to use them will help to prevent any injuries while taking care of your nails at home. Some nail care tools are very sharp and can cause cuts or bruises on your skin if not used correctly.


8 Essential Nail Care Tools to Keep at Home


1.     Nail clipper

Nail clippers are one of the most basic nail care tools that every person should have in their home. this tool helps to keep your nails at an appropriate length. Trimming your nails from time to time is very important if you want to maintain clean and healthy nails. So much bacteria get under our nails from performing basic tasks such as cooking and gardening. Taking time out to trim your nails will ensure that no bacteria will get under them and into your body.


2.     Nail file

A nail file is great if you want to smoothen out the edges of your nail. It is one of the most popular nail care tools on the market, with so many variants of its type available for purchase. One of the best tricks to keep in mind when using a nail file to shape your nails is to try and shape them in an oval or square shape to prevent your nails from chipping or breaking.


3.     Cuticle pusher

This tool helps to push the skin around your cuticles down to the bottom of your nail bed. Our cuticles often get ignored when it comes to nail care but, they are just as important as our nails. If you do not take correct care of your cuticles, they can become dry and flaky.

As suggested by the professionals, one of the best times to use a cuticle pusher on your nails is straight after a hot shower or bath. This is considered the best time because it is during this time that your skin is soft and easy to push back.

4.     Cuticle nipper

A cuticle nipper is great to use if you have slightly tougher cuticles that you need to trim the dry skin around your nails. It is also good to use by people who have ingrown nails and wish to remove them in the safest way possible. After using a cuticle pusher on your nails, you can then go in with a cuticle nipper to remove the unwanted, dry skin around that area. Use an upwards motion to lift the dead skin away from your hands with a cuticle nipper.


5.     Nail buffer

If you are looking for a tool that will help you to achieve that glossy look on your nails without having to apply clear nail polish, then a nail buffer is for you! Before buffing your nails, it is important to make sure that your nails have been soaked in warm water and cleaned. Once you start to buff your nails, try to keep in mind not to be too vigorous as this will cause thinning to the nails.


6.     Nail brush

Nail brushes are one of the must-have tools to keep at home. This tool can be used for cleaning your nails and getting dirt out from under the surface of your nails. To successfully use a nail brush for cleaning your nails, try keeping the nail brush under warm water then add some anti-bacterial soap onto the brush before starting to scrub your nails.


7.     Toenail scissors

Toenail scissors were designed specially to trim thick and strong toenails. Sometimes a nail clipper is not long enough to trim your toenails and can leave them looking shaggy around the edges. The short, thick blades of a toenail scissor will help you to keep your toenails at a short length.


8.     Nail cleaner

Nail cleaners are used to remove any unwanted dirt from underneath the nail. All you have to do is just swipe the flat surface of this tool under your nails and it will pick up any dirt that has gathered under the surface of your nail.


If you have any questions about some of the essential nail care tools you are looking to buy for your nail care routine at home, be sure to speak to any one of our professional nail technicians today.

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