Different Types of Luxury Nail Treatments

The different types of luxury nail treatments we are loving

Sometimes all you need is some self-care. And what better way to unwind, while getting to walk away with an ultra-stylish new set of nails, then by booking yourself a luxury nail treatment at the salon?

Manicures are not just a great option if you are looking to revive your look. They can also be really good for your overall nail health. Ideally, when you head to the salon for a nail treatment,

you should only go to the best salon available, the sort that offers a great service and which has a reputation for excellence. At our salons, we offer a wide variety of luxury nail treatments for our clients to indulge in. And these are some of our favourites.

The Diamond Patent Nail Treatment

This one of a kind nail treatment consists of the application of real diamonds to the nails. You can choose to add between 1 and 4 diamonds, 5 and 8 diamonds, or 9 and 12 diamonds. Whatโ€™s great about this luxury treatment is that you can have the diamonds removed when its time of the manicure to be renewed, and the same diamonds can be reapplied. This is a first of its kind luxury nail treatment in South Africa.

The Gel Polish Treatment

A gel polish nail treatment is one of those basic treatments that can actually be quite luxurious. From the relaxing application to that smooth feel finish, gel nails come in a variety of colours and they can include some pretty nail art that will definitely get loads of attention. One of the really wonderful things about the gel nail treatment is that it can be changed up every couple of weeks, leaving you with a clean new look.

The Sculptured Acrylic Nails

For those not keen on wearing diamonds and who are not happy with the gel finish, acrylic nails could be the next best option, and they too can be pretty luxurious. Sculptured Acrylic Nails are very fashionable, as they are designed and applied in such a way that they create a shape that the wearerโ€™s natural nails might not have. You can get really creative with this option, and when you have the treatment done by a professional nail technician, the treatment can have that luxury feel.

The Spa Manicure

Some people forget that the manicure doesnโ€™t necessarily just have to be all about the nails. When done the right way, with a hand massage and perhaps even a hand mask, something which is applied to soften the skin and remove any roughness, this treatment can leave you feeling really relaxed. This sort of treatment not only leaves you with the most modern and beautiful nails, but it also gives you the nicest feeling skin, which is part of that luxury experience.

The Basic Manicure

If you are short on time (or money), you can always opt for the classic basic manicure. The basic manicure can be quite the treat, because it can boost your confidence and leave your nails looking really beautiful, which, in our opinion, is a luxury.

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